Books in translation

None of Josefine Ottesen's books are yet available in English.  The titles in the Bibliography are therefore the translated titles of the Danish books. There are however translated extracts on her Danish website - click here to view.

A number of her books have been translated into other languages, as follows:

Danish Publisher: Alrune

Drageherren (Lord of the Dragon) - easy reader serial in 11 parts

Norwegian - Drageherren, Cappelen Damm, 2005
Swedish -  Drakeherren, Bonniers, 2005

Sagaen om Sigurd (Sigurd's Saga) - easy reader serial in 6 parts

Norwegian - Sagaen om Sigurd, N.W.Damm & Son 2007
Swedish - Sagan om Sigurd, Bonnier Utbildning 2007

Enya - easy reader serial in 6 parts

Swedish - Enya, Bonnier Utbildning 2007

Krigerprinsessen (The Warrior Princess) - easy reader serial in 7 parts

Swedish - Krigarprinsessan, Gleerups Udbildning 2007

Danish Publisher: Hoest & Son

Eventyret om Fjeren og Rosen (The Feather and the Rose) - a fairy tale for all ages

French - Le pays interdit, Nathan, 1990
German - Feder und Rose, Bitter Vorlag, 1991 
Dutch - De Veer en de Roos, Christofoor, 1993

Historien om Mira (The Mira Chronicles) - trilogy for young adults

Norwegian -  Historien om Mira, Aschehoug, 2007

Det Døde Land (Golak: The Deadlands) - trilogy for young adults

Norwegian: Golak: Det Døde Land, part 1, Cappelen Damm, 2009
Norwegian: Gjenfødt: Det Døde Land, part 2, Cappelen Damm, 2010

Hullerikkerne fra Syvstammetræet (The Holiwags from Seven-Stem Tree)

Norwegian: Heltemot og kråkelot, Hullerikkerne, part 1, Front Forlag, 2011
Norwegian: Lynild og ormehugg, Hullerikkerne, part 2, Front Forlag 2011
German: Die Hullerix und die verflixten Krähen, part 1, Urachhaus Verlag

Danish Publisher: Sesam

Roselil series - 
Fairytale serial in 3 parts for younger children

Swedish - Roselil, Damm AB, 2007
Norwegian - Roselil, Cappelen Damm, 2007